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About Jim Patterson

Jim Patterson

Jim Patterson began his career in the investment business as a retail account executive with Dean Witter Reynolds in early 1990. After completing a three-month training program, which included a month in New York working at the World Trade Center, he began building his retail business. It started slowly, but after 18 months Jim earned the status of Vice President of Investments and a nice window office. However, after about two years of servicing clients it became clear the atmosphere and culture of a large wire house was not for Jim

In 1992 Jim moved from Dean Witter to Robinson-Humphrey, a smaller regional firm. At the smaller firm Jim was able to provide a better level of service to his existing clients. At Robinson-Humphrey, it was not long before he was winning growth and goal contests.

The relationship with Robinson-Humphrey was a good one and lasted until 1997. In 1997 Jim realized the bulk of his client base was more interested in his research and his market opinion than his firm's opinion. Jim left Robinson- Humphrey and started his own company, Patterson Capital, Inc.

One day in 1998 one of his clients called up and queried, "What should I do in my E-trade account?" It was this phone call that prompted the idea of offering his opinion and trading ideas as an independent research service to the growing "do it yourself" sector.

In July 1999 Jim launched his first advisory service, Reggie on Wall Street. In 2001 the name was changed to Tactical Trading Outlook. Also in 2001 Jim hosted his own radio talk show called Tactical Trading and Investing.

In late 2001 Jim developed the "Type 3 Tactical Trading System" in cooperation with 21st Century Investor Publishing and Phil Erlanger Research.

Jim lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife of 8 years, his two young daughters, and two dogs. When he is not working or playing with his girls he keeps active. He enjoys swimming, biking and running, and competes in one or two triathlons each summer.

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